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    Question Do I have the real thing?

    Are the Bookerís Limited Edition numbered on the bottle, as well as the box?

    I have come by a bottle (very grateful for that), but I want to ensure itís the real thing. Everything looks right, special label on bottle, sealed in black wax, dark wood box with quote from Booker, plaque on the box. The box is numbered (on the plaque) 2038 of 3000, but the bottle is not.

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    If your bottles label has the picture of Booker I'd say you are good to go. The series is indeed a run of 3000.
    Mine is numbered on the box but I didn't see it on the bottle. I didn't take it out to look very well.
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    No, the bookers were not numbered on the bottle, just the box. But it does have a diffrent label on the bottle than the regular bookers.
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