We started to talk about the late Mr. Frank in another thread, but he deserves one of his own. Frank died in January. Here, from Forbes, is his obit.

I started this thread specifically to comment on something Gary said in the other one. Frank's genius was in building brands, not necessarily in creating them. He tended to spot something that already existed and see its undeveloped potential. One thing he seemed to be good at doing was not letting the past cloud his vision of the future. In Jagermeister, he took something that was viewed primarily as something akin to a medicine and repositioned it as a frat boy party drink. He recognized that young people are ignorant of and indifferent to history and tradition, so why not a French vodka?

I never met him, but he supposedly was a lot of fun. As I said in the other thread, one of the old lions. We won't see his kind again anytime soon.