I like my liqour on the rocks. I started drinking scotch about ten years ago, always on the rocks. In the last year or so I switched to Bourbon and stopped drinking scotch (for the most part). Always on the rocks.

I always tried new bourbons neat just to get everything that was there, but then went back to on the rocks.

A little while ago I bought a bottle of Eagle Rare 10 YO. Discovered I liked it neat. That's a first...

Today I poured some Knob Creek, neat. Hmmm, pretty good stuff. Then I tried some Elijah Craig neat. Liked that as well. Elmer T. Lee? Yup.

I guess I have reached the point where I like this stuff neat. There is definitely a lot more flavor to be had without the ice. I don't think I will stop drinking it on the rocks anytime soon, but I have definitely become a convert to straight bourbon neat.