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    Of the various drinks we discuss here I'd wager gin gets the least discussion. Of vodka, tequila, malt whisky, Irish, beer, Canadian whisky, even wine, there is occasional discussion, often quite, um, spirited. But gin is rarely discussed (never mind its ancestor genever gin, still liked in Holland and a few other places). I have only two bottles of gin and rarely sample them but I thought comments on some tweaked Beefeater I have may be of interest. Some years ago I brought back from a trip to northern France an artisanal gin, in fact a genever gin (the Flemish-influenced part of France favours the drink no less than the same cultural areas in Belgium and The Netherlands). It was quite juniper-tasting, in fact it had juniper berries on the bottom. I added the remains of that bottle to an 80% full bottle of Beefeater gin. When I tasted it again, it struck me it could use yet more juniper taste. So I added a teaspoon of juniper berries to it. Then it was very piney/forest-like, almost too much. I had a bottle of Finsbury gin, another London dry style and added some of that, to reduce the juniper taste and add some of its own taste which was kind of orange-like and sweetish. Fast forward five years, when I tried it yesterday. It was good but needed more Finsbury so I topped it up with the remains of that bottle. Now it is really good, with a full juniper and orange-like taste, sweetish and rich. It makes a good Martini - very good.

    Occasionally we've had discussion of the gins people like for Martinis or G&T. I would be interested in current suggestions, I am thinking of buying a couple of bottles now that summer is soon upon us. What do people like?

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