Sam Cecil has just released a second printing of his book The Evolution of the Bourbon Industry in Kentucky. I have just written a review of the book for Filson Historical Quarterly and gave it a mixed review. The book is improved with an index and better quality illustrations, but it still has the same text. This means that it is still too dependent on the Coyte collection at U of L. For those of you who have not heard me talk of this before, Coyte was a man who was collecting information for a book on Kentucky Distilleries when he died. The University of Louisville archive received his papers after his death. Sam uses these paper extensively without checking into their accuracy. This means there are a lot of mistakes in the history. I only pointed out two in my reveiw but have seen others. I end my reveiw by stating that it is a worthy book as a beginning place for research, but not an end all authority. It deserves a place on the shelves of any distilling historian, but that historian needs to be aware of its faults.

Mike Veach