Tonight I struggled with a new bottle of Basil Hayden (one of my favorite summer pours). Since I last purchased some, it now seems to be packaged with some sort of alien, unpenetrabled foil wrapping. Repeated jabs, swipes, samurai lunges with a paring knife were necessary to gain entrance. Do the distillers not want me to actually consume their product?

My other ongoing irritant is ETL SB. A wonderful bourbon and an incredible value. It is one of my all time favorites and usually number one or two in my recommendations to others but....when I pull the tab on the wax covering it invariably comes off in my hand... leaving the nectar beyond reach. Why oh why is BT doing this to me? Do they not test their packaging in the real world?

Seriously, other than the odd broken cork (which happens to everyone now and then), what is your major bourbon packaging 'pain in the ass'?