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    El Tesoro (tequila) seems to have moved to synthetic corks. I've already lost a good bottle of another brand's reposado to cork that had dried and flaked in the liquid, so I was eager to see how this one performed.

    Essentially, it does the job. No "PHWONK" sound but it creates a tight seal that's easy to remove. I like knowing that it won't/can't flake in the bottle.

    Regarding screw caps, I had just opened a Weller Antique 107 for the first time about six weeks ago. I replaced the cap and somehow managed to screw it on so tight that I ruined the cap completely. Not by stripping, but by screwing the top so hard that the top part separated from the sides. Never had that happen before or since.

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    The only time I ever came across a questionable cork was with a bottle of Port Ellen (an Islay Scotch from a long-defunct distillery). It was a Cadenheads 150th Anniversary bottle, that had been on a store shelf in (of all places!) Michigan. At 64.1% or thereabouts, it was the strongest whisky I had until I came across Stagg. The cork had a "crumbly" quality to it, and it would leave little bits in the neck of the bottle when opened. A bit of paper towel took care of those.

    Very fortunately, the whisky inside the bottle was untainted - and it was magnificent. This was one bottling that absolutely needed a bit of water, though.
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    Man what a scary looking bottle of RHF!

    As for the second matter, upon further examination I have found the aforementioned perforations. This will make the next time much easier!

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    What's with the waxed screw top on the Pure Kentucky XO bottles? I brought one home the other day and it didn't have the release stringy thing sticking out. I had to hack at it with a knife all the way around and once done I tried pulling on it to no avail. That's when I realized it was a screw top. I just don't understand the logic either. The cheapest in the KBD small batch lineup has a cork (Kentucky Vintage), so why does the next step up have a screw top...with wax?



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