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Thread: Vodka Vatting

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    Vodka Vatting

    Very pleased with a current vatting of Finlandia, Smirnoff and a local brand made by Kittling Ridge.

    It has (sampled iced) a long finish and a pleasant sweetness. I didn't add anything to it, some vodkas are dosed with a little sugar and maybe one of these 3 is and that lends the light note of "liquoreux" (I am not trying to be pretentious here but this French word is very useful, it means, sweetish and rich or full-flavored at once).

    I sampled the vatting against a well-known Polish brand, Cracovia. The Cracovia is possibly made from rye since it has a noticeably crisp taste and finish. I like each but the vatting seems to be better withal.

    This is not a taste test one can pursue, so definitive impressions should be formed quickly. The ethanol freezes the taste buds and precludes further investigation (or any that will be useful for descriptive purposes).

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