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Wifey said... those bottles are for Christmas... So, have to wait until then to open one. I have tried the 10y 107P before. But.. hey.. those bottles are hard to get here in N Cal. 1st chance I have ever seen and I jumped on it. I got the last 2 bottles from BevMo.com. in the state of CA. Cost me ~$40 per bottle after tax.

Need to work harder on getting some more 10y 107. I really liked that last year around this time.

SCREEEEECH!!!! Stop the bus. I have one PVW15 at the BEVMO down the street, and two more at another. I haven't even been to the other six in my area. BEVMO's online inventory is nowhere near accurate. Always call the store to check the stock.

Welcome to the board by the way. Whereabout's in Norcal are you at?