I spent last week in downtown Indianapolis and, on several evenings, went in search of nearby establishments with decent bourbon selections. Pickings were slim at most places; just the ubiquitous Beam White (sometimes with the "small batch" quad) and the occasional Maker's Mark.

At my hotel concierge's suggestion, I visited Oceanaire, an excellent seafood restaurant. The pickings were slim with the exception of a lone bottle of PVW 23. I'm glad I asked the price before ordering one ---- $90 for a (measured) 2 oz. pour! Needless to say, I declined. Since the bottle was about half gone, I asked the bartender who buys at those prices. He frowned and said that it is typically someone with too much money (and often already half in the bag) trying to make an impression by ordering the most expensive drink available. Often the drink is spilled or left half-finished.

Another night I visited Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. They had a very good selection, including all the BT Antiques. They also had PVW 23 ---- at a more reasonable $30. Since this was still beyond what I could slip onto my expense account, I went with the 2002 Stagg (at $18 for a very generous pour). Delightful!