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    The most uncool tasting ever?

    Heartily sick of all the controversies surrounding the BTEC, tired of posh phoney bottlings like Black Snoozing Hill and Olde St. wotsisname, I decided to revolt in the most tasteful manner I could think of so I went out and bought a bottle of Seagram´s 7 Crown.

    This has been a staple in Sweden for as long as I can remember but it´s been ages since I last had a sip of it. I have always been unable to judge a whiskey properly unless I try it along with some related species, so to complete the uncoolness of the event I chose that despised 74 proof sub-species Sam Cougar Indiana bourbon (which may or may not be included in 7 Crown) and also, since there´s no other American blend available here I chose a beloved “brown Vodka”, the Schenley OFC 8yo, as a complementary blend. This is what I experienced :

    NOSE :

    SOFC : English toffee with discreet spices. Slightly spirity.

    SC : Dry, sugar-free toffee. Some mineral-like freshness.

    S7C : Heavy vanilla and dark chocolate toffee. Somewhat subdued.

    PALATE :

    SOFC : More or less a continuation of the nose. Good mix of grains leads to a pleasant toffee
    experience. Somewhat ruined, though, by an underlying spirituosness (?)

    SC : The toffee and minerals from the nose present themselves here, as well, but they are
    overtaken by luscious citrus-fruits. Not that dissimilar to a less intrusive EC 12, in
    fact. Remarkably non-sweet.

    S7C : Starts out in wonderful hedonistic style : chocolate pudding with whipped cream.
    one senses, though, in the background, a stuttering rye presence which in the end,
    in a staccato-like manner eclipses everything else.

    FINISH :

    SOFC : Here it suddenly comes into its own : wonderful sparkling rye-infested (?) spice,
    which lingers on. Didn´t remember this from the last time I tried it.

    SC : Mostly spicy corn. Not bad but hardly a revelation, either.

    S7C : The chocolate pudding returns with a vengeance here, making for a pleasant round
    off of a surprisingly potent whiskey.

    All in all, I was most surprised by the 7 Crown. I had expected something thin and spirity and
    came away more or less satisfied. Of course, it cannot compare to the Staggs or Van Winkles of this world but a potent drink, all the same. Wish there was some other American blend available so you´d get the chance to compare it in a more apt manner.

    Coming up next : Barrel_Proof´s ultimate nightmare : a four Jack Daniel´s shootout. Stay tuned.
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