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    Vatted Malt - Wild Scotsman

    Anyone else enjoy this whisky as much as I do?? I really do enjoy it, but the pricetag kills me! $80 from Binnys!

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    Jeff Topping was at the St. Andews Society of Pittsburgh Burns Night I attended last year. Had a tasting set up for us. Was not impressed with the man but good stuff .... but, as you say, for the price? ....

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    I haven't seen it at my nearby Binny's - but they carry the Compass Box line (Asyla - blended, Eleuthera - vatted malt, Peat Monster - vatted malt, Hedonism - vatted grain, Orangerie - blended infused with orange peel).

    All of the Compass Box whiskies I've had have been nice - but my favorites are Eleuthera and Asyla. Hedonism is nice, but a bit pricy - nonetheless, it shows that Scotch grain whisky, properly aged and blended, is quite worthy in its own right.

    Orangerie is a nice treat as well, but it is quite unusual, and also a bit on the expensive side. Asyla is a steal, and Eleuthera is reasonable as well.

    Peat Monster is good, but I'd rather have Laphroaig Quarter Cask or Ardbeg 10yo...
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