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Thread: Mojito recipe?

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    At my work BBQ last week I made dozens of those darn Mojitos...I need to try and find a way to do them in a pitcher, but it woruld probably not work...the muddled mint and lime in the glass really present well.
    I think the Lemon Drop might transition well to a pitcher drink, between making drinks and tending to the BBQ I was scrambleing like crazy.
    Maybe for the Mojitos I can just leave the fixings out and people can mix their own...that might work the best, with a little recipe card on the table. I have got more emails asking for the recipe any way it would have saved some time!
    In addition to that a guy brought a bottle of Black Bush Irish Whisky and some Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch to try.
    I hardly went through any Bourbon with the exception of my Pappy 15, they really liked the look of the bottle, and the Bourbon did not disapoint either.
    I really enjoyed the Black Bush and might have to do a little more exploration into the Irish Whiskys.
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    I tried doing the Mojitos in a pitcher ahead of time and it just does not work. I think the lime takes over when it has too much contact with the mint.

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    You dont add the spirits ahead of time. I make a large batch of muddled lime, mint and simple syrup. I keep it in a bar-pour and all you have to do is pour it over the ice then add the liquour and soda.
    I find that works best for me when I'm forced to BBQ and bartend. Hope it helps.



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