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    Thanks & Bad bottle of Evan Williams

    Thanks to all who replied to my recent post on Weller, Old Fitz and other recommendations. I know that Evan Williams single barrel is highly regarded so I bought a bottle recently and was very disappointed. I found it to be thin and grassy and its the only bourbon I've tried so far that I haven't liked. I know that taste is subjective and all that, but in this case the discrepancy between the tasting notes I've read and what I tasted were so great that I'm convinced that I got an off batch or something. Has anyone had a similar experience with EW? By the way, I live in New York and there are certain brands such as Buffalo Trace which do not appear to be available.

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    Re: Thanks & Bad bottle of Evan Williams


    Sorry for you bad experience with Evan Williams single barrel. Single Barrels do have some variation, and Evan Williams does record the vintage (year distilled) and barrel number on the bottle. If you could report these two pieces of informatin, perhaps someone on the forum has experience with your year and barrel. Another crosscheck would be to have a friend who is familiar with bourbon try some.

    That being said, it is amazing how individual tastes differ. Most likely this is just the way EWSB strikes you at this point in your life. Keep trying different bourbons. If you decide that you really cannot live in the same house with EWSB, I will trade you for half a bottle of Bulleit (which will really demonstrate how foul bourbon can be formulated).

    Mark A. Mason, El Dorado, Arkansas

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    Re: Thanks & Bad bottle of Evan Williams

    If you think you may have gotten a bad batch, you should contact the distillery. Typically, they will want to investigate and will make it worth your while. The maker is Heaven Hill in Bardstown, Kentucky.

    That said, it is more likely that EW just doesn't float your boat. You might want to try a smaller investment on some other HH product, like the Elijah Craig 12-year-old or the standard EW 7-year-old, or you may just want to avoid HH products altogether. "Grassy" is a quality I have experienced with immature bourbon. At first I thought you were saying "greasy," which was the rap on HH about 20 years ago, but which they seem to have outgrown.

    --Chuck Cowdery



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