Since No one has posted any real tasting notes or comments since the middle of goes. While this forum has perhaps exhausted the subject of 'what's your favorite?' it seems like it has been awhile since anyone discussed lower cost bourbon. Certainly there have been new folks join since then.

In the old days I'd my 'well' was something like Old Crow (which shall never more touch my lips ... well, maybe if ther is a party and thats what they have) and my 'shelf bourbon' was Jim Beam White lavel but none of those make it to my cabinet now. (I have to say cabinet because the space for my future bar is still otherwise occupied in my living quarters.

While I have a number of fine products that cost $30 and up per 750ml bottle, when I don't want to drink up that supply there are certain bourbons I reach for. My overall favorite (I'd say 'well bourbon' but it is far too good for that) is a product most of you can't get called Old Commonwealth. It is from VanWinkle and Julian himself tipped me to the fact that it is always in my local store. My number two but slightly more (yet under $20) would be Knob Creek.

Another choice that I frequently go back to in bars and find priced less than the Small Batch is Old Grand Dad BIB (I'll even drink the 86 proof). For some reason I don't keep Jim Beam Black label around (so maybe it costs a bit more locally yet it is only about $19 at but it is fine bourbon as well for the price.

Those of you who don't know me won't know that I just don't like Makers Mark so that is not included.

Okay, now I've started it. Maybe some of the newer members would like to share.

I can say that for awhile I found myself always trying the higher end product and almost forgot about the decent product at reasonable prices.