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    A Drink is a Drink is a Drink - or is it?

    In the past when a drink is called for I've usually had a shot and a beer.

    This week I decided to change it around a bit. One night I had just whiskey. One night I had just beer (a couple). One night I had - wait for it, nothing.

    This experience reminded me that while one can take in the same amount of alcohol by drinking different things, the mental effects are different. Whiskey, especially taken neat which is the only way I take it, seems to go to the head faster even if you drink it slowly. Beer by virtue of its low abv is a much lighter high unless you drink strong beer. Wine stands somewhere in the middle but usually seems even more mild than beer because, i) glasses of wine are smaller than beer glasses even though wine is double beer's abv, ii) wine is almost always taken with food. The old reputation of beer and wine as lesser evils than whiskey must derive from these facts. When I drank only the beer I kind of missed the "impact" of the whiskey but it's a question also of what you are used to. Beer is pre-eminently a sociable drink and the slower effect of the alcohol on the central nervous system facilitates this. True, plenty of sociability is in evidence at, say SB-get togethers, but that's because people are generally careful to moderate their consumption and act responsibly. I've always been impressed at how most don't overdo it and I genuinely believe people like talking about whiskey as much or sometimes more than drinking it!

    Anyway my favourite drink is still a shot and a beer but it is interesting to try these and wine on their own (and think about it, I mean). Each produces a specific kind of effect. Probably mixed whiskey drinks, if slowly consumed, approximate more to the beer experience.


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