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    Re: Old Potrero Single Malt Spirit

    interesting that no one uses a malted corn. without proof or other than hearsay, i have heard that malting corn was considered (at one time) the 'elegant' way of making corn whiskey.

    'triple distilled' was another, with a 3rd distillation being the combined 'low wines' of initial fermentation (distillation), and a re-fermenting (and secondary distillation) (of the same malted corn mash) with some sugar, the feints and slobbers (not the foreshots) of the first run.. added to the second.

    for economy's sake, primarily, to extract every speck of the possible alcohol. but, consequentially, getting all the flavors of the grain as well..

    now, it's been 40 years since i discussed it with knowledgeable people and i'm not attempting to prove any of it, but it's as i heard it.. i suspect the malting of various grains, most especially corn, had more to do with the pride and work ethic of the individual 'shiner, and the logistics of it, than adherence to a fixed recipe.

    I'd love to see some malted corn whisky done in an alembic still and aged in Jerez sherry barrels. any volunteers?
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    Re: Old Potrero Single Malt Spirit

    I'm no expert in malting but my understanding is that corn is very difficult and time consuming to malt which would fall under your pride and work ethic heading. I accidently malted some a few years back when I allowed a plastic bin full of corn bought to feed wildlife to sprout while sitting in my garage. Apparently the condensation and hot summer was enough to sprout the corn. When I opened the lid I must say whiskey was the farthest thing from my mind.
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