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    Old Potrero Single Malt Spirit

    This is my first attempt at tasting notes, so forgive the simplicity. I didn't see a review of this anywhere else on the site, though it has been mentioned once or twice before. I bought a mini for about 7 dollars, not wanting to invest too much in this particular spirit (not really a whiskey). This one helped me understand the effects of the wood on the spirit, as the differences between this and any rye I've had are quite apparent.
    Old Potrero Single Malt Spirit- Anchor Distilling Company, San Francisco
    124.2% abv
    100% rye malt
    "Aged 2 years in new and used uncharred oak barrels"

    Color: Very pale yellow, almost like white grape juice. Not surprising given the age.

    Nose: Neat-Dominated by alcohol, though strong cinnamon notes come through, as well as a distinct floral tone. Cutting it with a little water tones down the cinnamon, and brings out the floral notes a bit more. Just a touch of leather.

    Taste: Neat- The cinnamon makes it through, with some sweetness. Not much complexity. Cut with water: Fruity, somewhat spicy. The rye sweetness is present, seemingly untempered by the wood. Actually somewhat reminiscent of low-end non-peated scotch, in a way that I'm not fond of- raw grain flavors, and alcohol burn.

    Finish: Rough, strong alcohol finish, with a bit of a sour lingering flavor.

    Overall: I'm glad I tried this one, and glad I only bought a mini. It's definitely worth trying for the experience, but it's a rough, raw, spirit. If this is typical of early American spirits, then I very much understand the evolution of the cocktail. I got pretty good pictures of the bottle before I drank it- those are posted below.
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