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    Bourbons on sale in PA 7-24 to 8-20-06

    To all the PA members here's a heads up to some good sales on bourbon.
    1.75 liter Elijah Craig 12 y/o-- 26.99. Save $6.00!
    1.75 Knob Creek--$41.99. Save $6.00
    Bakers --$29.99. $4.00 off
    Eagle Rare Single Barrel 10y/o-19.99. $2.00 off
    Elmer T Lee-$21.99- $2.00 off.Jim Beam Black 750ml-$17.49-$2.00 off
    Rock Hill Farms--$36.99 $3.00 off.

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    Who knew?

    I can remember when we had to go to the "State Store" that resembled a bank teller window with a 2 or 3 bottle selection. Times have changed in Pa.
    Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds.

    Bob Marley.



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