Hey guys, new member here, but have been getting into bourbon more and more over the last year or so...

anyways, i've managed to try all (most) of the wild turkeys (wt101, rr, rb, ks) and also pick up two bottles of tribute for my stash..

walking into a liquor store i frequent often, i noticed they had two dusty gold wild turkey tubes, and inside there were gold foil wild turkey 12 year olds... with a date stamp that appears to say 1991 ???

i find it hard to believe that these are from 91, maybe that means they were first casked in 91 or something?

regardless, they were definately "lost" in their warehouse somewhere, as they were extremely dirty and old on the outside packaging. they wanted $48.99 which I thought seemed fair and picked up both..

could anyone give me any info on these? would the date stamped on the back foil of the bottle be the actual bottling date, or the date that they started aging?

also, any thoughts on J&B Ultima? I know it was pretty much a novelty, (and isnt a bourbon) but it seems to be rather rare so i snatched up a bottle at $100 when I had the chance...