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    Quote Originally Posted by Hedmans Brorsa
    Thanks, Ed.

    It didn´t mention anything about Louisville on the label, then? I wonder where that info comes from?

    Is your bottle identifiable as a Japanese bottling, by the way? These that I linked to are all 700 ml bottles which clearly marks them as European releases. Yours, I gather, is from last year. There could be differences.

    I wonder why it is called Dakota?
    Sorry to have confused you. The Dakota is from Louisville. 750 ml. The bottle is the same as the Eagle Rare SB 10 that I have, which is what made me think if might be from Buffalo Trace last year. Chuck pointed out that Ken Wilber said it wasn't. I just checked and the bottle appear to be identical. Same as the Spring Stagg bottle and very similar to the Rare Perfection bottle I have.
    Drew Kulsveen said that last was one of his. Chuck, Is his company called KBD?
    Bourbon makes me happy.

    Go Fighters!

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    Yes, Drew Kulsveen is KBD.

    Don't exhaust yourselves trying to reason these things out. They might be the equivalent of random thoughts. Someone knew bourbon was from Kentucky and the only city in Kentucky they could think of was Louisville. They wanted something that sounded American, they were looking at a picture of Mount Rushmore and saw "Dakota."

    Maybe it's more than that but the point is, it doesn't have to be.

    I wonder if 50 ml is enough difference to require a different bottle, or do they just fill them to a different line? U.S. bottles are 750 ml.



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