A while back my brother and I purchased a few bottles of AMS / Special Old Reserve (BIB 1917/1933) distilled by Harry Wilken @ DSP 368. According to the bottle, this bourbon was specifically selected for the AMS shareholders. There is a similar bottle (not mine) on ebay right now

I am curious to know a bit more about this and was wondering if anyone can help me better understand this bottling. Based on my own research, I've come up with quite a bit of conflicting information.

For example, someone posted on this website about having a bottle of Sunny Brook from #368 -- but according to Sam Cecil's book -- Sunny Brook was #5/297.

In same book, RD #368 is referenced as Elk Run, and Harry Wilkin (sic) is identified as manager and distiller (though in the next section Harry Wilken, "former distiller for Elk Run #368" had moved over to Mellwood by 1896). Cecil makes no mention of any affiliation to AMS (though he does note that
the company sold out to KD&W -- which I assume is the Kentucky Distillers Association).

So, can anyone put a bit more meat onto my bone of knowledge? FWIW, we did open a bottle and it wasn't bad. A bit woody, but definitely drinkable.