I moved to San Francisco about eight months ago. Coming from Philadelphia, I have quickly learned that what I thought to be customary ways in human interaction, shall we say - differ, on the west coast. These differences I am acclimating to, somewhat. I have, however encountered a much larger problem. It seems folks out here like their vodka. Furthermore, they mostly seem to like their vodka adulterated in sweet juices and sugary syrups. So, when asked “what would you like to drink” and I reply with “what kind of bourbon do you have”. What I get back is blank, almost bewildered stares from a sea of people holding their brightly colored green, blue, and red cocktails. Okay, so there may not be a wealth of ‘watering-holes’ overflowing with bottles of good bourbon. Okay, so I might have to settle with Jack Daniels when I go out (which they always serve over ice, regardless of requests otherwise). Could I at least find a few people that would enjoy a little home bourbon tasting or even a peaceful sip of some delightful single barrel while engaging witty conversation? Herein lay the rub. I have met, not a soul that enjoys, or for that matter can even tolerate, what they are call “The Dark alcohols”. Does anyone have any ideas on how to sniff out a few fellow King of Sprit devotees?