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    Getting ready for Holiday

    Packed all my stuff for Italy Holiday and of course didn't forget a selection of Bourbons...


    I packed:

    2 Glencairn Glasses
    1 almost full Bottle 112.8 Proof Rare Breed
    1 200ml Bottle Knob Creek
    1 200ml Bottle FRSB
    1 200ml Bottle of a Blend of OGD80, WT101 and MM that I like for Old Fashioned and Mint Julep

    I hope it'll bring me over the first couple days until I find a good Liquor Store
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    Re: Getting ready for Holiday

    When in Rome . . . drink KY? Nice!

    Ha, enjoy your trip!

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    Re: Getting ready for Holiday

    I've actually seen a couple posts on Instagram lately of people finding dusties in Italy. Wild Turkey and Old Fitzgerald.

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    Re: Getting ready for Holiday

    Thanks guys! I have high hopes for some dusties...;-)



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