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    Any judgemental relatives?

    My dad likes to worry. He got somewhat upset to see me drinking whisky over the holiday. He warned me off it and told me alcoholism runs in our family. I said I was probably fine since I was adopted. It was real weird because he's never said anything in the last 20 years when I've been drinking god knows what. For some reason whisky is different for him.

    Anyone ever give you crap about drinking whisky?

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    Re: Any judgemental relatives?

    Of course, the girlfriend!

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    Re: Any judgemental relatives?

    My mom worries about me because my uncle was an alcoholic (he died from it) and whiskey was his drink of choice. (Need to note he was not a blood uncle). I think our parent's generation generally views whiskey a bit skeptically because in their time, whiskey was a hard core and unrefined drink choice with a bad reputation.

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    Re: Any judgemental relatives?

    Most people don’t realize that 1 bottle of beer or a full glass of wine is equivalent in
    alcohol content to 1oz of 100 proof whisky. So if you have a 2 finger glass full of whisky
    (2 oz.) at a party and sip and enjoy it for an hour with some water on the side, you will be
    more sober than the family members who drank 4 beers or 4 glasses of wine in that hour.
    – 4 beers in an hour are easy to drink : )
    But If you do 4 quick “shots” of any distilled liquor and also wash it down with 4 beers in
    that same hour – or mix whisky with anything other than water ….
    Well then all bets are off and you will soon be dancing on the kitchen table with your 20
    something niece who loves doing shots of tequila on an empty stomach and you both
    will end up embarrassing your family like the dead alcoholic relatives did in the past
    who probably guzzled the whisky too.
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