I believe 15 dollars was the upper limit for a fifth. There aren't many bourbons in my area that are both that cheep and in my opinion fit for drinkin' neat. EW black, Weller Antique (only one retailer), Dickle no.8 (not a bourbon I know) and perhaps OGD 86 and Old forester 86 if on sale. I'll have to check prices of those last two next time I'm out and about.

I tend to have expensive tastes, my Dad always says I have champaign tastes and a beer budget. But to me nothing is more blue collar than WT 101, not too expensive at 17.99-18.99 a fifth, most decently stocked watering holes carry it; even out here in the pucker-brush, good enough to drink neat but not to expensive to let someone use as a mixer.