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I think I'll pick up the La. 10 as well, it sounds like a great SMSW for the price point.
It is, Greg. I'd recommend it for anyone who really likes that smoky, peaty style. Laphroaig 10 is my go to Scotch. It is the sea.... Rough, wild, stormy... Nice! If I have a couple I'll still taste the salt on my lips in the morning...

My alternate is Lagavulin 16 when I want something a little more "civilized" though that role is typically filled by Maker's or Forty Creek (for MUCH less $). I've tried several good Scotchs but those two are the only two I seem to replace. Tried a lot of things I've never seen here when we were in Scotland. I was so happy none of them "measured up"!

And you are right, for some reason Laphroaig 10 is pretty reasonably priced for a Scotch. I keep waiting for them to change that!