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    Re: What bourbon did you purchase today?

    Well, not today, but over the last week or so...well I actually purchased the Willett Rye over the summer, but it finally made it to my pre-bunker holding area and is on its way to the bunker shortly. Also must thank Doug for the WT No.8 that he gifted to me while I was visiting.

    Other than those, there is a WT12 Gold label, a pair of ER 101 L'burg (a 79 and a 80) with the hang tags still on them, a Old Fitz 1849 8yo and a Ancient Age 86proof in the box. The AA was a fun find (and I overpaid for it) it carries the 88076 upc code-dating it to when Schenley (before they became UDV-this stumped us for a while because we couldn't figure out when UDV owned AA) owned the distillery (pre-82) and it's a 750 so 80-newer.

    All in all some fun hunting in San Francisco.

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    Re: What bourbon did you purchase today?

    Quote Originally Posted by bluesbassdad View Post
    Did I read correctly? Has Hi Time accepted your online order to be shipped to Wyoming? They suspended out-of-state shipments, at least for a while.

    Yours truly,
    Dave Morefield
    damn it all! wish i read that beforehand. I found this out the hard way. luckily, i placed my order with binnys in time for new year's.
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    Re: What bourbon did you purchase today?

    Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit 1st issue Pewter top. I guess this could go in the dusty lost Turkeys thread... I need to go back to work I think, I wasn't buying nearly as much whiskey when I was wokring 12+ hours everyday!
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    Re: What bourbon did you purchase today?

    I'm in NYC visiting my daughter for Christmas. Picked up a bottle of ORVW 10year.
    Mmm, dat's good!
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    Re: What bourbon did you purchase today?

    I purchased a liter of Eagle Rare 101 and 200 mL of Old Fitzgerald Prime Bourbon (86 proof).

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    Re: What bourbon did you purchase today?

    WT Rare Breed with 2 glasses
    Also got Jack Daniels Single Barrel as a gift for xmas. Kind of preferred it in a blind taste test against Dickel Barrel Select, but both were good. George was milder.

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    PVW 12 in Issaquah!

    The State Web site showed that they now have PVW 12 Lot B at my local liquor store. I gave them a call and sure enough they did! I spoke with the manager who was a very nice guy. I went down to pick up a bottle and spoke with him for a while. He is now ordering a Case of PVW 15 as well! That will be nice to have it 30 minutes closer to home. 2007 is looking up already!
    I have never been able to find this bottle in WA. and am looking forward to giving it a try tonight.
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    Re: What bourbon did you purchase today?

    Picked up a bottle of RHF. Can't go wrong with that one, beautiful. Also a bottle of Laphroaig 10 to scratch the seaweed & peat itch I seem to have.

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    Re: What bourbon did you purchase today?

    Purchased WL Weller from the 06 bottling and a 107 - 10 year squat of ORVW. Tremendous selection in the western Chicago 'burbs. Left many, many jewels behind. Except for WLW that is....

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    Re: What bourbon did you purchase today?

    I got a bottle of Old Grand Dad Bottled In Bond.
    I am in a lot of liquor stores because of my job and only one carrries this and they had it priced at $24.50.
    This week I saw they dropped the priced to $20.50, so I picked one up today.
    I have only had the 86 proof and I thought that was the best "low proof" bourbon I have ever had.
    I now have 6 opened bottles, which is a lot for me (PVW20, GTS, WTKS, VSOF, PJPK, KP), because of the holidays. When I get down to 2 or 3 I'll be visiting Grand Dad.



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