Hi all, I'm a lurker here...my story: I'm a huge single malt Scotch fan who has very recently gotten into Bourbons (i.e. past year or so.)

I've decided to spend this year most focusing on trying more Bourbons and building up a Bourbon stock/collection. (Part of this is due to really liking Bourbon and part of it is due to wanting to spend less money on liquor!)

Here's what I've tried so far: GTS (this year and last), Maker's Mark, Knob Creek, Virginia Gentleman, Henry McKenna, 1792 Ridgmont Reserve, and Elijah Craig 12. (Oh, and I've also had Gentleman Jack, which I know isn't a bourbon, but which I did like.)

I absolutely loved the GTS---in fact, aside from a couple of Springbanks and Macallans I've had, I'd say it is the best overall whisky I have ever had. I absolutely hated the 1792 and the Henry McKenna. I can see their appeal, they're not horrible, but I wouldn't drink them too often. I really love the EC12 and Knob Creek and the Maker's Mark is a fine dram. The Virginia Gentleman provoked no strong reactions one way or another, but was certainly a solid dram.

Which whiskies would you suggest I try next? And why? I'm in Baltimore, MD, btw---so if anyone can recommend great whisky shops nearby...

Best and thanks.