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    I sent my wife up to the store on 4th, and found that it was well worth the trip from Phoenix. (there was something about a family christening going on there too, in seattle... not at WSLCB) The nice thing about washington state stores is that they list their inventories (more or less) online,


    along with the manager's phone number to check on stock. While I am not a big fan of state level regulation of liquor, it does cut down on hunting time (and I suppose the fun) of finding bottles not readily available in your area.

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    I have found some of the Stores are several months behind on thier web site stock, so I pull up the phone number and call to confirm they have what I am looking for.
    I stop in to the 4th Ave Store just to see whats on the shelf, they keep a good variety on the shelf most of the time.
    The West Seattle store has some Rittnhouse 100 Proof for you Seattle folks interested, the 4th Ave store has just had the 80 Proof recently.



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