I have raved all over this board about Rittenhouse Rye Bottled in Bond, so when I went to Binny's last week to stock up, I was disappointed that they were out. But, lo and behold, they did have Rittenhouse Rye 80 proof, which I had never seen or, at least, had not seen for many years.

At $9.99 it certainly was worth a try so I bought a bottle, and I'm very glad that I did.

While I still prefer the BIB, the 80 is terrific too, and a very different whiskey; light, spicy, peppery. Comparing it to the BIB, the BIB tastes more like a bourbon, the 80 more like a straight rye.

The 80's color is much lighter, which would figure since it has more water in it, but I suspect it's also younger.

Curiously, the back label says "distilled by D.S.P. KY 31." The preposition is significant. It says "by" not "at." D.S.P. KY 31 is the Heaven Hill plant that burned down in 1996. I certainly doubt this is 10-year-old whiskey. I guess HH can "use" the 31 even if the whiskey actually was distilled at D.S.P. KY 1, which is Bernheim in Louisville.

Maybe our authority on all things Heaven Hill can explain this anomaly.

Anyway, very good whiskey and a great value, highly recommended. Them Heaven Hill folks sure do make them some good straight rye whiskey. Yum yum.