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Thread: Lack of corks?

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    Hmmm...I had always had a very different perspective, in that I always thought that corks were *better* precisely because they seem to keep more oxygen out (and so more whisky in). But you guys are making me reconsider my thoughts on the matter...

    As far as I am now concerned, it's a win-win situation. I like corks and feel comfortable with them and now, thanks to your posts, I seem to like screw-caps. The whisky was never an issue...so the conclusion is that whisky is good and capping it with something is good.

    Therefore, it's all good.
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    I personally favor the screw top. I don't have to worry about storing bottles upright that way. Corks are a probelm particularly if you are traveling with a bottle and have to make SURE it stays upright the whole time.

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    Corks are cool and throwback but the screwtop is much more utilitarian. I dont make buying decisions based on the packaging. If I like it I buy it regardless.

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    I like corks and I don't mind the plastic screw caps, but I don't like the metal caps. These can leak, strip, let the bottle go stale too quickly and leave sharp edges. Corks can be problematic as mentioned above, I try not to put too much importance in it, but there's something to be said for the mood when plopping that elegant bottle of GTS in front of you, squeeking the cork back and forth knowing what's to come.
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