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    BOTM, 8/06: A.H. Hirsch 16yo

    Admittedly getting a bit of a late start this month, I thought it would be a good idea to discuss A.H. Hirsch 16yo while there is still some to be found out in the market. A product of the Michter's distillery in Pennsylvania and aged in Kentucky, Hirsch bourbon is mingling of the historic Pennsylvania distilling tradition with the tender loving care KY gives all it's bourbon. One of the last truely unique products on the market, A.H. Hirsch deserves a spot in the choosiest of bunkers. Gold wax, blue wax, gold foil or whatever version of Hirsch you have open, let's hear what you think of this nearly extinct relic.

    Sound off

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    Blue Wax


    We needed a bit of a respite after all the excitement generated by Woodford Reserve last month.

    I noticed in the WBAYDN thread that someone just finished off a bottle of the blue wax version of Hirsch (which I've never even seen, much less tasted). Let's hope he made notes.

    I haven't touched my remaining fraction of a bottle of the gold wax for at least two years. Thanks for giving me an excuse to do so.

    While I'm at it, I'll inventory my stash of sale-priced gold foil. Ever since I discovered that it was less to my liking than the gold wax version, I've intended to work down to a single bottle before I return the gold wax version to my informal rotation. My intent, somewhere down the road, is to finish my lone bottle of 20 y/o and the 16 y/o gold wax in the same sitting, this ending my experience of the Hirsch bottlings on the highest possible note.

    Yours truly,
    Dave Morefield
    Yours truly,
    Dave Morefield

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    A excellent example of well-aged, rye-oriented straight whiskey. The proprietary Michter's-brand mashbill (50% corn, 38% rye, remainder barley malt) produced an adroit amalgam of bourbon and rye whiskey courtesy Everett Beam, Bettye Jo Boone's uncle who worked at Michters for many years. In its original form (6 years old), it was a milder version of, say, the modern Pikesville or Wild Turkey ryes.

    In its Hirsch guise maturity (never anticipated by the makers in 1974 but who cares), it becomes something quite different yet related. I'd say the link is a certain maple spearmint quality and maybe something earthy from the cool Pennsylvania forests.

    The best dram of '74 Michters is, in my humble opinion, a mingling of Hirsch 16 and the original Michter's Original Sour Mash - but for that you have to attend Gazebo.

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    Unfortunately, Hirsch like many other fine pours, can not be obtained in the Kansas City area (Midwest?)....if they are obtainable, I haven't been able to find them since moving here. I guess I'll wait to next month again and hope I'll have a chance to participate! (lol) Happy drinks to those who can!! H'wood

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    Hollywood, we have some here in Omaha and I may be able to locate some in KC for you. I'll check my resources and get back.

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    Its been excruciatingly hot even here in northern Scandinavia, which has reduced my thirst for whiskey to almost nil, Im afraid. Happily Im still on holiday, as my ability to think or act is seriously hampered.

    Anyway, Ive had two bottles of Hirsch, so far. Both have been the gold foil. Theyre pretty much the same. Noted differences were that the nose of the second bottle came across as somewhat muted in comparison with the first. I love it, a dry earthy, barrel-ish scent which promises good things to come.

    The second bottle compensated for the slightly diminished nose by sporting a longer and more satisfactory finish than the first who was too short and bitter for my taste.

    In all, I get lots of honey, some black pepper and coffe from the palate. Its a very good whiskey for its age. Infinitely better than most bourbons Ive had around this age mark (ORVW 15yo excepted).

    One thing that puzzles me is all the noted difference betwenn gold/blue seal/foil. Isnt this all and the same whiskey kept in a steel container?
    Delighted to see you if you can find me!

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    What was the order they were bottled in?

    Curiousity. I saw two bottles of the gold wax and need to get back to the store to see if they're still there.

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    Well, I guess this is the final incentive to go pick up that bottle of gold foil which I have been eyeing. What was/is the going price for a bottle of this?

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    I just bought a bottle of the gold foil at Binny's for $59.99. They had 8 more on the shelf and I thought about it, I really did.

    I love this stuff. Gary's "maple spearmint quality" is as good a description as any of what makes it so special. Nothing being made today tastes quite like it, that's for sure.

    Jeff, I have a question about your statement about this whiskey aging in Kentucky. It is my understanding that it mainly was decanted in Kentucky and held in stainless until bottling.

    Is all of the Hirsch 1974 distillation? How do we know this?



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