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The price of Lagavulin 16yo has gone up substantially in recent years because demand outstripped supply, at least at its previous price point. IIRC, about three years ago they ran out. It was simply not to be found, at least around here; they had to wait for more casks to reach 16 years to bottle another batch, and when that reached the market, the price had jumped about 25% or so. The supply/demand ratio seems to have stabilized at that level.

Personally I thought it was underpriced before. The 16yo was Lagavulin's "base" whiskey, and back then it was priced in the high $40s, at least around here. That was closer to the "base" whiskeys of its primary analogs: Laphroaig 10yo, Ardbeg 10yo, Bowmore 12yo. But those brands each had older versions that sold for much more: Laphroaig 15yo, Bowmore 17yo, Ardbeg 17yo (which was still available then). Those were all around $70. I always thought Lagavulin 16yo belonged in that company, rather than with the younger versions. Now it is priced accordingly. In fact, I still think it's a good deal, although I wish I had bunkered a case back then.

I agree with what you have posted, you are spot on!

For what ever it is worth: My friend Tim, (TMH) had mentioned to me, at a past get-together, about the difference in bottlings. I asked what? He taught me to look at the fine print on the front of the label, distinguishing the "White Horse" version from the "Port Ellen" version. In the past, I never could figure out why the Lag tasted different from bottle to bottle. I never had my glasses on to read the fine print and never had two bottles side by side to notice the different logo and fine print. (Proving how unobservant I can be at times)

Seems in my past hunting trips that I was privileged to gather up some of the older stuff (White Horse) and didn't even know what I had...Tim has corrected that for me and I'll be ever grateful. With an open bottle of each, I've got to say though, I do prefer the White Horse to the PE version, but both are good in their own rights...