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I am brand spankin' new to bourbon drinking. Took my first pour about 3 weeks ago and fell in love. Told the hubby, who is a veteran bourbon man (with limited brands under his belt), that I am giving up the red wine, which triggers migraines, and becoming a bourbon gal!

So far, I haven't cared much for Basil Hayden's, and I'm luke warm on Nob Creek, but I love ER 10y. Sipping some right now, as a matter of fact.

What might a girl with my tastes want to try next?
Enjoying the forum very much. Thanks!
The ER 10 is a Buffalo Trace product. I figure that if you like one of theirs you will like others, too. That is certainly true of me! Elmer T Lee, Blanton's, Buffalo Trace, Old Charter, 8 yo, 12 yo, and 13 yo Proprietor's Reserve are all from Buffalo Trace. I have had all of these and love them all.

The two you weren't so fond of are both Beam products. It may be that you don't like their profile. Don't just write them off, you may really like something else they make. Maybe Booker's or Old Grand Dad. The 114 is the most highly regarded by most of the posters here, but the bottled in bond has its fans. In fact, I just had my first pour of the BIB. Pretty good stuff. The Basil Hayden's you didn't care much for comes from the same mash bill as the Old Grand Dad line, so you might not care for it. I haven't had it so I can't say how similar they are.

So, if you want to try something outside the Buffalo Trace line and want to put Beam products on the try it later list. Try Heaven Hill's bourbon, Evan William's or Elijah Craig 12 for starters, but they make many many bourbons. Or Maker's Mark. And if you have a chance to buy a bottle of any Van Winkle bourbon, well, that is a no brainer, get it!

Have fun!