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    Quote Originally Posted by pabourbongal
    I am brand spankin' new to bourbon drinking. Took my first pour about 3 weeks ago and fell in love. Told the hubby, who is a veteran bourbon man (with limited brands under his belt), that I am giving up the red wine, which triggers migraines, and becoming a bourbon gal!

    So far, I haven't cared much for Basil Hayden's, and I'm luke warm on Nob Creek, but I love ER 10y. Sipping some right now, as a matter of fact.

    What might a girl with my tastes want to try next?
    Enjoying the forum very much. Thanks!
    The ER 10 is a Buffalo Trace product. I figure that if you like one of theirs you will like others, too. That is certainly true of me! Elmer T Lee, Blanton's, Buffalo Trace, Old Charter, 8 yo, 12 yo, and 13 yo Proprietor's Reserve are all from Buffalo Trace. I have had all of these and love them all.

    The two you weren't so fond of are both Beam products. It may be that you don't like their profile. Don't just write them off, you may really like something else they make. Maybe Booker's or Old Grand Dad. The 114 is the most highly regarded by most of the posters here, but the bottled in bond has its fans. In fact, I just had my first pour of the BIB. Pretty good stuff. The Basil Hayden's you didn't care much for comes from the same mash bill as the Old Grand Dad line, so you might not care for it. I haven't had it so I can't say how similar they are.

    So, if you want to try something outside the Buffalo Trace line and want to put Beam products on the try it later list. Try Heaven Hill's bourbon, Evan William's or Elijah Craig 12 for starters, but they make many many bourbons. Or Maker's Mark. And if you have a chance to buy a bottle of any Van Winkle bourbon, well, that is a no brainer, get it!

    Have fun!
    Bourbon makes me happy.

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    I really like Ed's suggestions! Right on the money for me.

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    A couple of month's after you've originally tried something, go back to it again. Also try things different ways. If it has too much burn, stick a few cubes in it. Experiment. The reason I say revisit one's you've tasted is that you're probably going to find that your perception of them is going to change. People here have also tried a bottle from time to time thought they didn't like it and then just figured out something was whacked out with their taste buds that particular evening.

    I liked Weller Antique 107 early on...and I just a pour last night and still like it! Weller 12yo is excellent as well (and very affordable), but now as readily available.

    Elmer T Lee is a fun poor, not available here, but may be in your neck of the woods. Bulleit is also widely available,a little more of an edge, but widely liked here and very affordable!

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    One you should definitely try is the low-end Van Winkles, Old Rip Van Winkle 10-year in either the 90 or 107 proof versions. Should be somewhere in the $22-28 range depending on proof. Excellent stuff and by far my favorite pours under $30.

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    Thanks for the thoughtful suggestions, everyone!

    I picked up a bottle of Elmer T. Lee this afternoon and you guys were right -- just my taste! Looking forward to trying WT RR and one of the Van Winkle's, which are all in stock at my favorite PALCB store, very soon now.
    Again, many thanks,

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    Completely agree on purchasing liquor at pricey bars, restaurants

    Same thing applies to wine...by the time you pay for a glass (usually cheap varieties offered around these parts) at a restaurant, you're about a 1/3 of the way to purchasing a bottle. Plus, I have 2 young children, one of whom has a disability, so I don't get out too much. I prefer sitting on my cozy front porch, sipping something delicious from my Riedel stemless glassware to a smoky bar anyway.

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    Welcome to the world of bourbon! Any of the previous recommendations would be seconded by me.

    That being said, Old Fitzgerald BIB is a superb (and inexpensive!) wheater, and any of the 101-proof Wild Turkey products are lovely in their own right as well. Buffalo Trace products also tend to be quite good (BT itself, the Antique Collection, ETL, Sazerac Rye, whether it's the 18yo or the "Junior," etc.).

    I *heart* OGD 114, and OGD BIB is one of my four favorites for Manhattans (the other three: Rittenhouse BIB rye, WT 101 bourbon, WT 101 rye).
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    Eagle Rare 10YO is my favorite pour and I do not like the Beam products... With that in common, let me share a few others that I enjoy:

    (1) Maker's Mark
    (2) ETL (I see you've discovered this one already)
    (3) Evan Williams Single Barrel
    (4) Blantons

    The Elijah Craig 12YO is nice, but it's either very inconsistent or it is just a flavor that many do not care for. I liked it, but haven't rushed out to buy another bottle. By contrast, I replaced the ETL immediately when I finished it... I have a bottle of Pappy Van Winkel 20YO, but I prefer the Eagle Rare actually.

    I strongly disliked the Woodford Reserve. Fancy package, no flavor.

    On the other hand, I can't believe you gave up red wine. Some people do have the headache reaction you mentioned, so I guess I understand. Around here, my wife won't touch the bourbon but we have a common passion for a great glass of red...

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    [quote=pabourbongal] but I love ER 10y. Sipping some right now, as a matter of fact.


    My wife likes Eagle Rare 10yo to, and you could try another of her favorites, Old Charter 10yo. It has been described as having a "honeyed" nose and taste.

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    Get Eagle Rare 17 (any release): it is VASTLY better than the 10 YO, SB. You won't believe the improvement ... until you taste both. Cheers, Ed V.



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