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Thread: More Glenmore

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    More Glenmore

    This picture is from the on-premise portion of the project. Note that the bottles are one-liter size and have pourers in them.

    Here's the text that accompanied the picture:

    Glenmore American Bourbon Whiskies

    American Bourbon Whiskies from one of America's original "Bourbon Houses," since 1872.

    Our Bourbons are authentic, true Kentucky Bourbons, made the Old-Fashioned way. Glenmore developed and patented the "tall still distillation" process.

    Our Bourbons are aged a minimum of six years, so they are noticeably darker and have a richer color and bouquet, preferred by the discriminating customer.

    Our Bourbons are available in a full range of sizes and proofs.
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