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    Re: Old Forester label question

    Quote Originally Posted by cowdery View Post
    The story goes that George Garvin Brown supplied that statement to the printer, written in his own hand, intending for the printer to typeset it, and was surprised when it appeared as a direct reproduction of the handwritten text.
    And yet it has changed over the years. For as long as I can remember the label has said something about the quality of the contents of the bottle having been "developed with care", the "with care" being underlined; however, if you look at prohibition-era medicinal bottlings or even 19th century advertising that shows the label, that same phrase is rendered "developed by age", with every word being underlined.

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    Re: Old Forester label question

    The Old Forester website (see the link provided by mrdctalyor) states that the new label was introduced in 2003. There's a whole page of info devoted to it.

    Like the majority here, I prefer the old white and gold paper label. It's just classier. But the bourbon, of course, remains a great favorite.



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