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    Old Medley Brands

    Back in 1990, I worked on a project for Glenmore that was a merchandising manual for their entire line. They had recently absorbed Medley which had itself absorbed Fleischmann's and their sales people needed some guidance about how to merchandise (i.e., position at retail) all of their various brands.

    For small companies, Glenmore, Medley and Fleischmann's had an enormous number of what in the industry are called "cats and dogs," which are basically small, regional brands.

    Here are pictures of a few of them. Mellow Mash was a Yellowstone variation, and an existing Glenmore brand. I believe Bourbon Supreme was also Glenmore. The rest (along with Ezra Brooks) came over from Medley.

    If you think this is bad, you should see all of the crazy blends they had.
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