I have a buddy at work who has been wanting to try Bourbon for a while. He has asked me a few times for a list of my recommendations but he fails to pull the trigger.
He goes with another family on extended Motor Home trips. He has this nice notion of sitting around the fire in the evening and sipping a nice Whiskey to close out the day. The idea just appeals to him.
He says he tried Whiskey...he does not know what type...many years ago and it just burned. He has a Beer and Wine background.
I picked up a bottle of ETL for him. I think it is a wonderfully smooth Bourbon, yet has plenty of good flavor. Nice looking bottle and price to boot. I pretty much felt if he did not like this one, then maybe Bourbon was not in his future, and I told him as much.
To me ETL is the perfect middle of the road bottle. There are many with less flavor...bland I think...and then there are many with more flavor and heat.
Well today at work he let me know that he found it to be "excellent". Very smooth and great flavor...is all Bourbon this good? I need to steer him here next...he will be doomed for sure.
My first convert! Well I know ETL gets the real credit...