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Thread: A Rum Tale

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    A Rum Tale

    Today I was shopping for rum. Plus, there is no new bourbon at LCBO.

    At Tasting Tower I did see a Lot B, which means it is entering the Vintages (premium) section soon but none was on the shelves for actual sale. I decided to sample rum instead. I elected a sample of El Dorado 15 year old. This is prime Guyana rum in the classic rich Demerara style of the region. It was good but outstanding. I had had the El Dorado 12 year old in the Caribbean last year and thought it was much better. The 15 had good oak and dark rum flavour but did not seem well-knitted: it will appeal to those who like a dry austere taste. I also tasted a 1919 Angostura rum (8 years aging) from Trinidad. I must say I found this one disappointing. It seemed to have a rubbery-like taste behind the vanilla and otherwise was rather restrained.

    Then I blended the remains of each. The blend was really good, it brought out the best of each and made something new of it. I commented (to no one in particular), "I'm blending these two". A lady next to me, tasting wine, said, "Is that legal?".


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    A Rum Tale

    I'm fairly new to rum but have recently bought Pyrat and Cruzan Single Barrel and liked both. I read an article on Depaz Blue Cane Rhum from Martinique and have looked online and in some stores but found none. Anybody have any experience with this one and/or know the price?
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    I do not know about the Depaz Blue cane Rhum, but I have tried Pyrat and Cruzan SB, and both are good. The Pyrat definatly has a heavy mollasses flavor, while the Cruzan SB is a lighter color, with not quite full flavor and hints of oak and sugar cane. If I am in the mood for a more full flavor, Ron Matusalem Rum Gran Reserve is more maple and semi-sweet, Appleton Estate VX Jamaican Rum, is more sweet with tastes of fruit, hardly a sipping rum, but good none-the-less. Pampero Rum Aniversario has to be one of my favorites right now, with strong oak tastes, and a perfect mix of aged rums. Mount Gay Extra Old Rum is more flavorful than the Cruzan SB, but not as full flavored as the Ron Matusalem. I think I am going to go and blend 2 parts Pyrat XO to 1 part Ron Matusalem and see how she does.

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    when comparing rums it is important to differ between the "industriel" types that use molasses in the production, and the rhum "agricole" made from sugar cane juice, typical for the martinique-style rhums. these are so different it's almost a shame they go by the same name, but i reckon the same can be said about most other spririts...
    when it comes to ron industriel, my personal favourites are:
    - havana club 15 & 7 años
    - el dorado 15
    - plantation 8
    Rhum agricole:
    - J&M Rhum 1990
    - Rhum Clement
    - Trois Rivieres 1996 & 10 yo

    and if anyone comes across a bottle of "bristol classics" rum (they have a number of different bottlings) do not walk past!



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