Today I was shopping for rum. Plus, there is no new bourbon at LCBO.

At Tasting Tower I did see a Lot B, which means it is entering the Vintages (premium) section soon but none was on the shelves for actual sale. I decided to sample rum instead. I elected a sample of El Dorado 15 year old. This is prime Guyana rum in the classic rich Demerara style of the region. It was good but outstanding. I had had the El Dorado 12 year old in the Caribbean last year and thought it was much better. The 15 had good oak and dark rum flavour but did not seem well-knitted: it will appeal to those who like a dry austere taste. I also tasted a 1919 Angostura rum (8 years aging) from Trinidad. I must say I found this one disappointing. It seemed to have a rubbery-like taste behind the vanilla and otherwise was rather restrained.

Then I blended the remains of each. The blend was really good, it brought out the best of each and made something new of it. I commented (to no one in particular), "I'm blending these two". A lady next to me, tasting wine, said, "Is that legal?".