"Extensive" is my middle name!

As further proof I submit the following. The word "counter" has many other common usages, as well. I started to enumerate a few of them, but I changed my mind after I consulted this link, which contains several meanings that are new to me.

I can think of other compound words (of the same form as "counterpunch") not listed there. "Countermarch" is a maneuver (different from "to the rear, march") whereby a formation of marchers reverses the direction of march. "Countermand" is the action of revoking a previous instruction or order. "Counteract" is the action of resisting or neutralizing some other action, as in "the anti-venom immediately began to counteract the effect of the snake's bite."

I am so glad that I was never faced with the chore of learning English as second language.

Yours truly,
Dave Morefield