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    Angry Wine based "Whiskey"?

    I had a interesting experience tonight, I was at a local billiards club and ordered a Jack n Coke. The drink that came was absolutely horrid. I asked the waitress for another, drinkable one, thinking that maybe it was a bad bottle, there was something foul in the soda lines??? Next one came just as nasty as the last (think molasses and kerosene, with a slice of lime). At this point I had to talk to the bartender, to see just what was going into these cocktails. Turns out that the club only has a beer and wine license, and is selling "wine based spirits". The one marked "whiskey flavor" was emitting the same odd smell coming from my drink. The bartender told me (straight faced I might add) that he serves 50 "whiskey" drinks a night, has worked there for 2 years, and has never had any one notice that his drinks were made from anything less than Mr. Daniel's finest.
    And now to the point:
    1. Anyone else had any experience with "wine based spirits"? I have had the JD RTD cocktails, which are actually not bad, but I am reasonably sure they contain actual whiskey. Correct me if I am wrong.
    2. What's with the bar not telling it's patrons what they are pouring? Putting well whiskey in cocktails instead of the call / super call whiskey that is ordered is low down and dirty, but I am sure that we have all seen it happen, but swapping out types of liquor altogether? That has to be against some law.

    I guess that's what I get from departing from my regular "just give it to me strait"
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