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    Bang For Your Buck

    Some of the posts on another thread got me thinking. What are some of your favorite bourbons compared with their costs? Also, what are some of your least favorite bourbons for the cost?

    I'd say my favorite for the money is Weller 12, I can get it for $17 and I thinks it's really great. While on the other hand, I think Hirsch 16 is fantastic, but in my area it's $100, it's wonderful, yes, but I don't know if it's worth 100 bucks. (I do have a bottle through ).
    Many people have seen my complaints about Bulleit, in my area, it's $30, nowhere worth the cost, IMO. IMO Buffalo Trace has some of the mild attributes of Bulliet, but I like the BT much better and it's half the price.

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    I would agree with you Weller 12 is probably the best bang for the buck. I think it's one of the greats and it's a big bonus that it is under $20. Too bad I have to order it online.

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    I guess if availability and price were not a factor, I would drink a lot of Stagg and Bookers. I love those bottles and the flavor just hits me perfect. But since I can't get Stagg out here in WA. and Bookers is $53.00 that creates some problems for that plan...but in a perfect world, those two bottles provide excellent flavor and enjoyment...if only I made a little more $$$ I would say they were worth it all the time!
    WT 101 is a great bottle, and it sells for $22.95 (This month we can get it for $20.95!) and I know it is a great flavorful pour. EC 12 seems to get poor comments here more often than not, but I enjoy the flavor and at $18.45 its not bad. Both the WT 101 and EC 12 are in almost all our State run liquor stores.
    Weller 12 is a nice bottle for $20.25 but is almost impossible to find in WA. It does show up at a couple stores, but it's hit or miss, as is Buffalo Trace, which we can get for $20.40.
    I guess my favorite pour when it comes to flavor and price would be OGD 114 at $24.95. It too is not readily available in our stores, but if I am willing to drive to the Big City I can usually pick up a bottle.
    As far as disappointments. For me Makers is somewhat bland and at $23.95 I would rather get any of the above bottles. And then I bought a bottle of Ancient Age to see if for the price $13.45 it might be a nice pour, but I find it so bland that I would rather spend the money on good beer than waste it on bad Bourbon.
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    I am becoming more and more of a Wt101 believer evryday. The stuff gets better with every bottle I buy.

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    The Rittenhouse Rye BIB, at $12 for 750 ml, is a great value but even better is Very Old Barton BIB, at $21 for a 1.75 L. The people of Kentucky don't know how lucky they are.

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    Ancient Ancient Age, Old Charter 12yo top my list of bang for the buck.

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    My favourite in the Ētaste per buckĒ division that we call it is Sweden have been the older version WT 101 with the 8 years statement closely followed by Rittenhouse 10 for at least a couple of years. However not anymore. In the middle of one of the warmest summers we ever had in Sweden I did taste the Europe version of WT 12. Thatís my new taste per buck favourite. Very sweet and floral taste. Totally different taste profile compared to the limited edition split label version.

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    Fighting Cock 103 is a pretty good value. Itís $17.99 a bottle by me but itís probably cheaper most places since the price was always $15.99 before the store by me stopped stocking it and I asked them to order it again. At either price it's well worth buying. As for not such a good value Iím going to say Black Maple Hill 14. Donít get me wrong, itís a good bourbon but itís not worth $65 imo. There are other top shelf bourbons out there that cost less that I would have purchased instead. Despite this opinion I still want to try the 21 year old, I have a thing for really old bourbon.

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    VOB, absolutely. I like the 90 proof and sometimes the 86 proof. (They taste a little different to me each time and I won't turn down the BIB ).


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    Best bang for the buck: Eagle Rare 10 year old. Hands down my favorite bourbon, and I can get it for $20 a bottle...

    Least bang for the buck: Woodford Reserve. $26 at Trader Joe's, bland pour with little complexity. Nice bottle though...

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