Hi folks,

First time poster, fairly long time reader. Eagle Rare 10 and 17 and Elmer T. Lee are my current poisons.

That scene in Ian Fleming's Goldfinger - the one where Goldfinger complains about fusel oils and such in Napoleon brandy, preferring vodka because it's filtered through activated charcoal - got me thinking.

Has anyone ever done chemical analysis of whiskey? I notice also that if I leave a drop or two in the glass overnight, that as it evaporates some solids precipitate out - they seem to have that charred woody flavor to them when tasted. Chemists can do magic to run things down columns and identify them - check out this article on coffee chemistry - but I've never seen anything similar for whiskey.

I searched through the forum archives but didn't find what I was looking for. I figured if anyone would know, you guys would!