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    I am glad to know that Makers took an interest in what their consumers thought. I find it nice to know that they have done it in a demographic than KY, kinda get a more diverse sample.

    I am curious, I saw what you said about oversea's bottlings, but did you bring up barrel proof over aged bottlings?

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    Thanks also for communicating some of the same ideas that I would have wanted to convey.
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    Considering that my serious enjoyment of spirits began with a wide variety of Scotches, it shouldn't be too surprising that my love of variety has continued into bourbon, rye, gin, and cocktails as well.

    IMHO, I've given MM short shrift. I've certainly enjoyed it when I've had it, but there are a whole lot of other lovely pours out there as well. I need to revisit it.

    I would definitely not fit into the "brand-loyal" category - variety is the spice of life, as far as I'm concerned - though if we expand the concept of "brand" a bit, BT has been a favorite of mine (BT itself, GTS, VG, Weller, Sazerac, etc.).
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    Quote Originally Posted by FlashPuppy
    I am curious, I saw what you said about oversea's bottlings, but did you bring up barrel proof over aged bottlings?
    He asked us if we had put our names on any barrels. My reply was "no" and I explained that I did not see any real advantage to it since they don't just bottle from "my barrel" but combine it with many others.
    I told him that I thought there would be more interest if we could put our name on a barrel that would be aged longer or bottled at a higher proof or even as a single barrel version...I also told them all about SB.com and that if the folks there were any indication I thought of course there would be a market for that.

    Nothing they brought up gave any indication of that they were looking in that direction...

    The main focus (besides the perception questions) was on these potential Ambassador "tracks" or "specialties", and if we would be interested in get togethers that did not take place in KY.

    It would have been very interesting to talk to the other three guys there. We all had the one thing in common, we like Makers. Then they were quite different than myself. 2-Company presidents and an Alarm system technician. One of the presidents is also a boxing promoter and promotes 3 boxers around the U.S. I enjoy meeting people but my time is so limited. I said I could see going once a year to a local Ambassador event for dinner and drinks and some type of presentation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrispyCritter
    I would definitely not fit into the "brand-loyal" category - variety is the spice of life, as far as I'm concerned -
    Ditto! I like the quote from that Bourbon movie guy who was at the fest with all of you...there are no bad Bourbons, only better Bourbons. Ok...it might be a slight stretch but for the most part in my limited experience I agree.

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    I could do with an extra $75 and would agree to give it all back.

    Mr. Richard A Bales

    110122 3/27/2002

    Yep my name is on a brass plate too. They should be getting ready to move me down stairs.

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    Hmm, had to have them send me my password and such to figure out how to log in to the Ambassadors site.

    Barrel # 479017 Not so sure about the date, but the forum is dated 4/02/02.

    ...looking at my Makers "business cards" reveals a join date of 6-5-2001. Wonder if it took them almost a year to put my name on a barrel?
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    Thanks for the information, the idea of focus groups for MM drinkers is not new but intresting. It may not be the purpose of the group but I think it would be great to meet other folks in my area who enjoy similar tastes and listen the the thought process of why they drink what they do.

    I do not go with the brand loyalty thing but do keep a bottle or two of MM in the house at all times along with 4 or 5 other types of bourbon. Sometimes I am in the mood for makers and sometimes I need a Van Winkle or Blanton's.

    I have been an ambassador since 2001 and did do the name on the barrel gimmick. Local visits by a representative of the company would be great. I know they have happy hours but I would be more interested in a discussion with a distiller and other enthusiasts where I can learn more about the process and art of making the bourbon.

    Thanks again for the feedback on your focus group.


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    I've been a MM Ambasador for a couple of years now... It'd be interesting to know how many Internationnal Ambasadors there are.
    If there was an official function held on the East Coast of Australia, I'd definately try to attend.

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    I've been an ambassador since 7/1/2002. This was about the time I decided I was going to get some collectable Maker's stuff, and when my bourbon collecting really took off. I got a signed 1L 9/11 bottle and a signed VIP bottle. I was friends with my rep when MM was distributed by Suntory, and after they lost Makers to Swift & Moore he gave me some pretty cool things, like a barrel bung, makers dipped shotglass and a 1998 KY cigar. He also gave me a branding iron that they had made with the Maker's Mark logo. They used to burn it into wooden boxes and stuff for shop displays, it's pretty cool.There may or may not be some MM logos on telegraph poles near my house They had 2 made and gave one of them to Bill when he came out. He also had some bottles of white dog which I have to ring him about, wouldn't mind having those
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