Have I ever mentioned that bourbon (and liquor prices, in general) are very high in Alabama? I believe that I have.

I went to the ABC store, today, to see if they had anything new and exciting. They didn't. But I was shocked to see the current prices. They have gone from very high to outrageous!

For example, Wild Turkey Rare Breed has been $31, but now it is $35.99. That is a 16% increase. Wild Turkey 101 was $18 a couple of years ago, was $19 the last time I remember looking, and it is $20, now. Old Grand Dad 86-proof is now $15. And Jim Beam Black is $21.

Basically, everything I have any interest in is up substantially over what I remember from just a couple of months ago. Are prices generally increasing for you in other parts of the country? I'm not asking about small increases, but 10% or more. Or, is Alabama really sticking it to me above and beyond their already gouging prices?