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    Love the PBR quote. I haven't had Pabst since my first year in college (when I couldn't afford anything else). Made me sick, more often than not. It's hard to feel manly when you're kneeling over a toilet bowl.

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    I guess my favorite is the ambient temperature of a fall night. A campfire should be involved. Othere than that, neat.


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    If I'm mixing a cocktail, there will be ice in the shaker (I usually stir rather than shake), but the ice will normally be strained out.

    Otherwise, it goes into a Glencairn glass, either neat or with a splash of filtered water.

    I normally have something non-alcoholic for a "back," though - often Diet Lime Coke.
    Oh no! You have walked into the slavering fangs of a lurking grue!

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    I’ve always liked my bourbon to be at least room temperature but a lot, not all, taste slightly better to me after they’ve had time to warm up a bit in the palm of my hand. Room temperature is how I started drinking bourbon, I once tried some Wild Turkey 101 with an ice cube and it didn’t taste good to me, so this is the way I always go now. Someday I’ll give the ice cube another shot with a different kind of bourbon since I tried this long before I actually tried "tasting" bourbon, are there any particular brands that you all enjoy more with an ice cube?

    On the topic of beer, it goes well with a glass of bourbon and sometimes even better mixed. All the talk about Pabst reminds me of a quote I read in a book I have called 100 Proof, the beer section begins:

    “What kind of beer do you like?”
    “Heineken? Fuck that shit. PABST BLUE RIBBON!” (Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet)

    I’ve never seen the movie nor have I tried Pabst Blue Ribbon and I do like my Heineken but it always makes me chuckle when I read it, maybe you will too…

    "I've had eighteen straight whiskies, I think that's the record . . ." - Dylan Thomas

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    Exactly 299.67 Kelvin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gothbat
    I once tried some Wild Turkey 101 with an ice cube and it didn’t taste good to me,…
    Many agree that one small cube is a good addition....doesnt make it too cold, and adds a little water. It melts quickly too.

    BUT...check the cube you are using! I've had experience of cube made with tap water that has too much "taste" of its own. As it melts it only serves to comtaminate the bourbon. Totally changes the taste for the worse. Use icecubes made with distilled water.

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    back in the day, i would just drink bourbon on the rocks. however, as time goes on and i find my self trying to enjoy the taste of the bourbon more, the number of rocks is reduced.

    i prefer the pour to be cool -it can be quite hot and humid in Charleston. someelse noted 65 degrees and that sounds good to me, so i still add a cube or two. i guess i am moving towards just drinking bourbon neat, because i really dislike watering down the pour too much.

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    Sometimes rocks, sometimes neat. Depends on my mood, but as others have said - for a 'first time' or serious tasting - always neat.

    Originally Posted by cowdery
    My personal choice for a good American macro-brew is Old Style.

    Old Style ROCKS! I haven't had one of those in about 20 years. And does anyone else remember Weidemann Beer?
    I do. In fact, it is currently the least expensive beer for sale at a lot of local grocery stores, but only in cans. The Weidemann I remember came in squat brown bottles.

    I like PBR and Old Style - but after a blind taste test of about 8 budget brews, my favorite is Schlitz.

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    Re: At what temperature is bourbon best enjoyed?

    Spirits in general, for me, are the antifreeze of alcohol, which is not to say I enjoy drinking Sterno or formaldehyde. I drink my spirits in the colder months neat especially Bourbon and usually drink beers and summer style wines in preference during the warmer months.

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    Re: At what temperature is bourbon best enjoyed?

    I remember Wiedemann Royal Amber, but I never drank it.

    It was one of the "holy grail" beers of the immediate-pre-microbrew area along with Prior Double Dark (a Czech-style garnet beer from Philly), Horlacher Perfection ("aged 9 months"), Ballantine IPA, Rainier Ale (aka The Green Death, still made I understand), and a few others (e.g., Andecker from the mid-west, the original Coors Banquet, Point beer or Point Special was it, which also is still made I think)).

    I think the beers mentioned represented both quality and drinkability.

    I wish someone would revive Royal Amber or Ballantine IPA. As for the Green Death, it deserves a revisit: maybe I'll pick up a case when on the West Coast next month.




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