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    Re: Fleischmann\'s Straight Rye

    Yeah, you are right about adding "Cheap wine" to blend ...

    If the consumer does not read the label...The price "should" ring a bell...Then...the puke factor is the key to learning the difference...

    "You know the old saying, "Ya get what ya pay for".

    I am referring to the cheap stuff...like, 80-20...or 70-30...Not the "Good Blended Whiskies".

    Bettye Jo

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    Re: Fleischmann\'s Straight Rye

    Yes Bettye Jo, taken on its own, few people likely would want to drink orange peel wine (or prune wine, etc.). Still, some blended whiskey is good - a valid product unto itself. Price alone should not deter someone from trying it as an alternative to Bourbon. In other words, we should judge the final product on its merits (after all, who would drink, say, Angostura bitters straight!). I have found some blended whiskey pretty bad but some very good. Speaking of the category, does HH make a blended? If it makes more than one, which is considered better?


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    Re: Fleischmann\'s Straight Rye

    I don't know from OTS, but American Blends can pretty much contain ADT (Any Damn Thing) without running afoul of the labeling regs.



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