I know that there are some every day drinkers of the 36 month old Ancient Age, out there besides me. It seems to me that when I first started drinking Ancient Age in the early 90's with the old label at 86 proof I believe, the whiskey was fine, it had a heavier flavor, more indicative of the bourbons of years ago. But when the label changed, the proof lowered and they started using 36 month old whiskey, I noticed right off and changed brands. I bought a bottle a week ago and a liter later, I think the brand has improved greatly. It is still 80 proof and 36 months old but it seems fuller on the palate. I think I read somewhere recently that Buffalo Trace was playing with the temperature controls in the ware houses as an experiment, it seems to have worked. Also according to their website they are using a "new filtration process" this is probably a marketing ploy, because this would cut back on the flavor. Would'nt it be nice to see them bring out the old label at 4 years and 86 proof. I have tried the 10 star but it isn't a patch on the old label. Does anyone agree?